8 Ways to Keep Your Gym Wellness Routine Fun and Engaging

You know you should be going to the gym more often, but it’s not like your New Year’s resolution to go to the gym more is a secret. We all know it, yet we all struggle to make time for the gym on a regular basis. So what do you do? How can you keep your routine fun and engaging so that you actually look forward to it instead of feeling like another chore on top of an already busy schedule? The answer might lie in your motivation levels, which tend to ebb and flow depending on your circumstances. This article will give you eight excellent tips on how you can keep your gym wellness routine fun and engaging no matter what life throws at you. Here are eight ways to keep your gym wellness routine fun, interesting and engaging. 

Keep your routine to just 30 minutes or so.

The best way of ensuring your gym wellness routine isn’t something you dread is by keeping it short and sweet. Ideally, you’ll want to keep your routine to thirty minutes or less. This way, it’s not going to feel like a chore, but rather like a short and sweet boost that you give yourself each week. If you find that you struggle to fit your gym wellness routine into thirty minutes, you might want to consider paring down your routine. It’s incredibly common for people to have routines that are far more intense than they need to be. And if you have been going to the gym for some time without seeing any results, your routine might be the culprit. 

Change up the equipment and exercises you use regularly.

If you’ve been going to the gym for some time, you’ll know that the novelty of using the same equipment and exercises wears off quite quickly. This is why it’s incredibly important to maintain a regular change-up in your routine. By rotating the equipment you use and the exercises you perform, you not only avoid boredom, but you also ensure that your body is being challenged in different ways as well. This will help you avoid plateaus and maintain your fitness levels as well.

Try new classes at your gym.

Another excellent way of keeping your gym wellness routine fresh is by trying out new classes at your gym. This can be particularly helpful if you are someone who prefers to exercise in groups rather than on your own. If you want to combat feelings of self-consciousness that can come with exercising in front of others, you might want to consider taking up a low-impact exercise such as aquatic exercise or yoga.

Add some variety with body weight exercises at home.

If you find that you are bored of your regular gym routine but don’t want to try out new classes just yet, you can add some variety to your routine by incorporating some body weight exercises into your routine. This can be as simple as including variations of push-ups and squats into your routine. You can also add in some variety with lunges, crunches, and planks.

Bring a friend with you to the gym.

Another excellent way of keeping your gym wellness routine interesting and engaging is to bring a friend with you to the gym. This can be particularly helpful if you find yourself struggling to motivate yourself to go to the gym on a regular basis. Having a friend there with you can make the experience that much more enjoyable. What’s more, if you struggle to find time to fit in your gym routine during normal hours, you can make use of the many 24-hour gyms that exist in many cities.

Make a point of enjoying your post-workout stretch and shower.

While going to the gym is great for your health and wellness, your post-workout stretch and shower is just as important. It’s therefore worth making a point of enjoying your post-workout activities just as much as the main workout itself. This can be particularly helpful if you have a gym wellness routine that you perform at home. A few things you can do to make the post-workout activities more enjoyable include using scented candles or essential oils to make your workout space smell nice, and making sure you have plenty of water nearby so you stay hydrated throughout the duration of your workout.

Make time for activities you enjoy outside of the gym as well.

While you want to make sure that your gym wellness routine is engaging and interesting enough so that you look forward to it, it’s also important that you make time for other activities that you enjoy as well. This can be anything from spending time with friends and family to reading a book that you’ve been meaning to get to. The more variety you can incorporate into your life, the better. This will not only help you to avoid feelings of boredom, but it’ll also help you to avoid burnout.


If you are going to the gym but not enjoying it, you need to change your mindset. Instead of thinking that every trip to the gym means you have to spend hours there, change your thinking and only go for 30 minutes. You don't have to spend hours in the gym to get results.

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